Tourism & Voluntourism in TED Talks

By Elly


The danger of a single story: This is one of the most important TED talks we have seen. Through her beautiful examples as a writer, Chimananda teaches lessons about what happens when we tell only one story about a person, group or country. She shows us that to regain a kind of paradise, we need to start telling the whole story.

For more tolerance we need more… tourism? What happens when you create a tour company that crosses the border between two countries in conflict? Aziz Abu Shara shows us how simple interactions and connections with others from another culture make us more tolerant, empathic and socially conscious beings. 

What is the reality of volunteerism? In this insightful talk from a past volunteer, Ian makes a case to show why volunteering can often be counterproductive, or at least fail at its intended task, leaving local communities unheard and volunteers as the beneficiaries. A must-watch for anyone intending to volunteer abroad or in their local community.

What’s the danger of voluntourism? Another perspective of voluntourism overseas and why educational tourism is the better alternative.