Career Contemplation

By Taylor Jennings

One great fear of mine leaving college is not knowing everything there is about running a successful business. In college, I feel like you’re pressured to memorize “x” amount of things in a short amount of time, not leaving a lot of time to actually conceptualize the things you’re learning about.

After hearing Elly and Molly talk about their struggles and accomplishments with starting social enterprises and for-profit businesses, it makes me less hesitant about my career path. They both had no prior business education and are both extremely successful in my opinion.

Yesterday Elly said, “working with a start-up organization you’re forced to learn and do a lot of things you’ve never done before and you just have to use your resources and figure everything out.” That made me think maybe I should work with a “grassroot” organization so I can learn how to do a variety of things through hands-on work before continuing my schooling or career.